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Grape gathering is handwork with us.

In our family we like to take everything into our own hands. This has always been this way, and applies to the gathering of the grapes and their processing as for filling and ripening of wines in our wine cellar and continues during tasting and sale. At the end of a wine year each bottle carries our very own handwriting. And in that we take almost more pride than in the awards, which our wines have received so far.

Two generations, one vision.

In our 7 hectare vineyard and in the winery my father Sepp and I continue long traditions, giving each step the necessary time. If it comes to optimizing the processes, my inner perfectionist comes through. In my opinion, good things not only need time, but above all will. The support of my parents and my younger brother Matthias plays an important part.

The next biological step.

To take responsibility means to stick together, to work hard and to appreciate nature, this is what I learned from my parents. We take this responsibility very seriously, and so the conversion of our operations on organic viticulture is not only a personal concern but also the next logical step.

"Good things need time – and will." Bernhard Liszt
Bernhard Liszt by Daniel Gossmann 01
Everyone finds a proper one in our winery.
Heurigen Matthiaskeller
The daily work in our vineyard is what gives us our inspiration.



Home is where your “Stammtisch” is.

In our large guest room, in the cozy garden area or in our wine store – everyone can find his perfect place at our Heurigen. And even if outside of our openening days you can book the rooms of our Heurigen for your wedding, private wine tasting, corporate celebrations or birthday parties. What if there is no festive occasion? – We think that a good glass of wine is an occasion in itself!

Naturally good mood.

Sit outside or inside? To help you with this decision, we took pieces from outside to the inside with natural materials such as iron, oak wood, natural stone, glass and high-quality joinery from Austria. Our Heurigen is a cozy setting in all weather conditions for large and small groups.

Farm-grown from wine to outdoor pig.

With quality we do not compromise, so we try to manufacture as much as possible ourselfs, starting with our spreads to ice and soft drinks and bread. With our own pigs, who live happily at the foot of the Pfefferbüchsel on 23,000 m2, we have fulfilled our long-cherished dream of home-made meat specialties. We feed our Duroc, Turopolje and Mangaliza pigs barley, peas and field beans from organic cultivation and refine the meat ourselfes.

Bernhard Liszt by Daniel Gossmann 21
Chose a place in the guestroom, garden or wine store.
Heurigen Matthiaskeller
Your can explore the region with knife and fork.
Heurigen Matthiaskeller
Recommandation of our farm: Enjoy the meat of our pigs.

Our Wines


Wine is bottled poetry.

Whether red, white or rosé, apart from the grapes the key ingredients for good wine are experience, a strong sense, talent and the right position of the vineyard. Liszt wines reflect our character and our personal preferences. Every grape gathering is different and also we as winemakers like to change from time to time. Our wide range of varieties ensures that there is never a dull moment in the glass.

The drinkable image of the region.

With the exceptional geological and climatic conditions along the Leithagebirge we are literally in a fortunate position in Leithaprodersdorf. Our connectedness to this unique location is also found in our logo: The circles represent the water castle in the center of Leithaprodersdorf, which once was built by the Celts.

On a rendezvous with our wine.

In the wine bar, the glass is always full – not only because of optimism but because of pure hospitality. Whether your evening has just begun, you have enjoyed a meal in the Heurigen before or you want to equip your own wine cellar – for savouring and tasting our wine variety there is always the right time.




Variety makes life sweet.

Not having any new ideas is as unrealistic in the winery as in the kitchen. Because we would like to give you a taste of as many of them as possible, we regularly change the offer on our menu. The basic products for our dishes change according to the season, but we remain our high quality standards throughout the year.

The whole region as our pantry.

We would love to make all the ingredients for our dishes ourselves, but because the winery and the Heurigen keep us pretty busy, we cooperate with producers from the region who understand their trade and operate with the same passion as we do. So for example our fish comes from Leobersdorf and the game animals from the surrounding forests. Why use frozen goods and import fruit when such good food exists just around the corner?





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We invite you to make your reservation für the Heurigen online. If you want to make a reservation for the same day, then please only do so by calling this number: 0664 12 434 56

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